Service and Value

The key to expanding into different mediums is to create a voice. Pod Media Works helps everyone from business to blogger create their voice online.

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Sound and Quality

Creating a podcast may sound like a challenge, but here at Pod Media Works we are here to assist through the process taking you from a solo voice file to a fully produced podcast.

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Plans and Pricing

We have budgets to fit every need. Whether you need full production assistance or just need consultation services, we have a plan that will fit your needs.

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What we do

From the way we write blogs and interact on social media, to the way we conduct business the way we reach people continues to change. According to Edison Research, Unique monthly podcast listeners have surpassed 75 million per month. This represents a vast market that is simply reached by letting them know you are there and have something interesting to say.

The dream of one day hosting a radio station or paying for expensive advertising is going by the wayside as more and more people tune into podcasts for their information. In a recent poll, of 300,000 podcast listeners, 63% bought something that a host had promoted on their show. Of that same group, 71% said they had visited a sponsor’s website, while 62% said they would consider paying for the advertised product or service.

This is evidence that they value the opinion and trust the person promoting the product. Podcasting is the way of the future, you have the opportunity to seize that future now ahead of the curve.

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